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Vertiflex MONO/TWIN motorised windows

the Automatic & Heat-Insulated Guillotine Glazing System from

Vertiflex MONO/TWIN motorised window System

Vertiflex MONO/TWIN motorised  windows

VertiFlex is a remote-controlled, motorised, chained, movable handrail window system. Vertiflex Mono/Twin has been generated to be adapted of two glass options. So whether you would like to use heat-insulated glass or not, Vertiflex Mono/Twin meets your demands. The system can be used as a moving handrail system in hotel glazing, café glazing, restaurant glazing, balcony glazing, stadium glazing etc.

Why to Choose

  • High Quality
  • User Friendly
  • Safety Tested & Approved
  • Smart & Fast Construction
  • Available in standard colors
  • Various options & accessories
  • Incl. 5 years of motor warranty

Remote Control

Vertiflex motorised windows can be moved with complete remote control by a mobile application.

High Level Isolation

All system profiles are covered by an EPDM gasket and brushes to provide maximum isolation.

Tested & Approved 

This system is tested about wind & water permeability, wind & impact resistance in PfB Test Institute.

Vertiflex MONO/TWIN

Flexible Solution

Adaptibility of Vertiflex

VertiFlex might have different shapes and also include various elements. For example, designs with different radiuses and parabolic shapes could include horizontal sliding windows and doors, solid woods, stone slabs, and cubic elements aligned with the building structure. In this case, your imagination is the only limiting factor. So, we accept the challenge, include your specific needs and creative ideas.


A Panoramic View with

Minimalist Design

As the design includes the minimal usage of the vertical and horizontal profiles, it’s easy to provide a full panoramic view. So, you can enjoy the clearness of your spectacular view!
Three Different

Types of Glass

In the system, 3 different glass types can be used as 5+12+5 Heat Insulated, 8 mm or 10 mm single tempered glass. Choosing the type of glass is dependent on the required insulation level and the location where the system will be applied.

Fully Functional motorised windows.

Remote Control

Vertiflex All-Clean is the guillotine motorised window system moved with the remote control. In addition to the remote control, the system can also be controlled from smartphones compatible with IOS and Android.

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