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Outdoor Umbrellas with Integrated waterproof wiring for lights and pod 1.5 kW heaters.


The Parasol for the commercial sector

The Filius medium commercial Parasol from image


The Parasol for the commercial sector

The Schattello medium commercial Parasol from image


The Parasol for the commercial sector

Umbrellas & Parasols from

Ideal solutions for beer gardens, restaurants and outdoor areas.

All Outdoor Umbrellas from are manufactured with the highest grade materials in over 100 standard sizes. Our round outdoor umbrellas range from 10' to 33' diameter, square outdoor umbrellas from 3x3 3x4 4x4 4x5 5x5 6.5'x6.5' to 23'x23' and rectangular outdoor umbrellas up to 30'x13'. Adjacent square or rectangular umbrellas can be linked with rain gutters to cover extremely large areas. will work with your architect on custom installation. Two types of standard permanent installations and a selection of portable outdoor umbrella bases ensure easy and safe operation.

Our large selection of optional accessories include side panels, infrared heating, lighting and professional screen printing of your logo on roof panels or valances.

The canopies of our outdoor umbrellas provide an eye catching focal point in any environment. They are designed to be stylish from the most elegant to the most casual setting, and to match and complement any decor. logo imageFor more information on outdoor umbrellas & parasols please call us on 01 453 0032.

Portable Installation of Outdoor Umbrellas from - The Awning Company

  1. Fully galvanized welded steel base frame with adjustable plate assembly on all four corners to eliminate the possible unevenness of the ground.
  2. When maximum portability is required (for smaller outdoor umbrellas), the base frame can be installed on castor rollers with breaks
  3. The base frame is designed to hold standard size concrete slabs (16" and 20") that firmly counter-balance the structure
  4. We recommend the required weight to secure the stability of the outdoor umbrella in our portable base
  5. Galvanized or powder coated upper sleeve to match any requirement
  6. Special clamp and counter screw on the upper sleeve to provide absolute vertical stability

Site planning for permanent installation

  1. Two counter screws for larger TL and TLx umbrellas
  2. In-ground sleeve with "wings" for superior stability
  3. Hinge to facilitate ease of handling is standard for in-ground or base-plate installation
  4. Concrete screws provided for base-plate installations
  5. Optional cover plate levels in-ground sleeve with surrounding ground when an umbrella and upper sleeve is removed
  6. With optional strong and secure extensions, ground sloping or step height differences of existing terraces can be eliminated
  7. We specify the required foundation size based on the size of the umbrella

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