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Awning Fabrics

Awnings.ie fabric collection is now offering a new generation fabric with incomparable properties and performance levels to revolutionize the Outdoor decorating market.

Its technical characteristics have been improved to meet the changing market demands and meet consumer expectations in terms of durability and solar protection.

Greater water-resistance (Schmerber 370 mm instead of 350 mm), better protection (tighter weave: 0.11% open instead of 0.36%) and more stable, the new generation Acrylic fabric is even more high performance than ever before.




Stripes take on a new twist, have fun with colours and flood both small and large areas.









Designer awning fabrics to enhance your building exteriors

Awnings.ie fabrics are designed to meet a complete range of needs. Our fabrics comply with outdoor standards based on quality manufacturing processes and materials.

Designed for use in homes and businesses, our innovative designer fabrics adapt to any space.

Are you a homeowner? Do you enjoy entertaining guests and relaxing outside? Awnings.ie fabrics are for you. Turn your terrace into a new living space for great times with friends and family.

Give your restaurant, café, hotel or store a unique look and offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in complete comfort all year round.

Recommended use

recommended blocks


  • Composition : 100% solution dyed acrylic
  • Finish : Cleangard special dirt-resistant and water resistant treatment
  • Weight : 290 g/m²
  • Guarantee : 10 years

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