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The embrace of shade and coolness. Cosy, protective, colourful.
It’s not just an outdoor living option: an awning is energy saving and thermal comfort for your home, it’s a more sustainable impact on the environment, it’s privacy for your time. And all this in a “simple” arm awning.


A real architectural element, TXT is the arm awning designed to define and enhance the external vertical surfaces of a building. With its impressive size and unusual look, it is the perfect solution for modern and avant-garde architecture.
Box, Attachment and Structure
Boxed arm awning in with a sharp design, characterized by a particular texture with parallel elements. Wall attachment.


TXT folding arm awning is the winner of the 2020 Reddot Design Award. It has also been included in the prestigious ADI design index, a selection made each year by the Permanent Design Observatory.


TXT integrates round Micro spot LEDs, 6 mm diameter, integrated in the lower side of the moveable front and/or in the lower side of the awning box. LED Ambient on the upper part of the arms.


TXT is also available with a roll-up front valance, perfect for shading from the sun in the afternoon and evening hours.



Node is the boxed arm awning that exploits the basic shapes of the geometry to always achieve a balanced look, whatever its inclination.

Maximum dimensions S 350 x W 590 cm

Box/cassette, Attachment and Structure
The shape of the rectangle contains the circular joint, which allows the rotational motion functional to the inclination of the awning Support and box are bound and equidistant with respect to the central fulcrum, while the awning as a whole always appears homogeneous. Wall and ceiling mount.


For its sophisticated appearance in 2020 the Node won the international iF Award for design, the Red dot Award and the Big See Product Design Award.


Round Micro spot LEDs, 6 mm diameter, integrated in the lower side of the box and the moveable front of the awning. LED Ambient on the upper part of the arms.



SPACE is the new series of awnings with arms: the result of the consolidated collaboration with the designers Meneghello Paolelli Associati; the line reworks the technical concepts of the historical DIM series and gives them new and sinuous shapes as well as new technological options. Maximum dimensions S 400 x L 1180.

Attachment and Structure

SPACE integrates the Invisible Lock patent, a system that allows locking between the heads that support the roller and the square bar, thus guaranteeing flawless aesthetic continuity between the main structural elements of the awning.


Two types of optional lighting are available: LED Strip on the front lower part to illuminate the rooms below when the curtain is open and Ambient LED on the upper part of the arms to radiate the light on the fabric and thus generate a suggestive effect. Roll-up Frill The Roll-up Frill is
Roll-up Frill
The Roll-up Frill is available on request. The front of the frill disappears entirely inside the front of the awning once it is rolled up


For its sophisticated appearance in 2022, the Space won the international iF Award for design and the Reddot Award Best of the Best.



Its young, practical impact can be deduced from the name, which evokes the beak of a duck. The Gibus Research and Development Team developed the product, while Meneghello Paolelli Associati worked on the design. This important professional partnership led to the creation of Duck, the ideal solution for any architectural style, which enhances forms and volumes.
Box/cassette, Attachment and Structure
The mainstay of Duck is the round compact cassette. Hermetically sealed and made of powder-coated extruded aluminium, it protects the awning fabric from the elements, thereby guaranteeing greater resistance and longer life.


In 2017 it was included in the ADI Design Index, the permanent selection of the best Italian design and won the international design award Reddot Award.



Sign is a Gibus arm box awning with diamond decoration, versatile and elegant, it can be equipped with a led lighting system.

Maximum measurements S 400 x L 710 cm.

You control it


Thanks to the sun, rain and wind sensors, the products respond autonomously to atmospheric agents, leaving you only to worry about enjoying your new wellness space to the full.

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