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Glass Walls

Sliding glass doors and walls from

Beautiful, durable, versatile

Sliding glass doors and walls

Sliding glass doors and walls slide smoothly and silently to separate or open up interiors and exteriors in homes, restaurants, hotels, shops.

Applicable to Gibus products, but not only. Linear or angled.

Sliding Glass Doors and Walls

  • 10 or 12 mm tempered safety glass (also extra-clear or satin),
  • linear or angular: painted aluminium structure and silver anodised aluminium track.

Aluminium handles make it easy to grip when sliding. Effective disposal of any condensation water with the combined action of a bulkhead at the base and the levelling of the paths close to the side stops.


Possibility to configure the glazing in an angular version for an all-glass effect.
Track rails
Anodized aluminium truck rails. Standard equipped with sealing gasket between the panels to improve weather resistance.
Aluminum handles
The rectangular anodized aluminium dragging handle is standard supplied on the inner side of the glass wall.
Rain water disposal
Shading to cool the space under the pergola, darkening to protect you from the sun’s rays, transparent against wind and weather.

We combine design and technology to create unique, made-to-measure solutions, especially for you.

No two pergolas or awnings are the same, because every product has been designed and built around your desires to make it perfect for your project.

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Med Quadra Accessories

Tune into your surroundings at any moment, the light, the sounds, the warmth…


Led lighting so you can enjoy your pergola in the evenings too


Bluetooth audio system incorporated inside our pergolas


Designed heating systems – enjoy your pergola even in winter