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With the range of motor and control solutions, you can bring your interior blinds to life.

automated solution

With an automated solution for the majority of interior blinds and numerous methods to power them, we have a system to meet the requirements of every user.


Automated blinds offer a number of advantages in comparison to the manual versions. Motorised blinds provide the following benefits:

  • Easily adjust hard-to-reach window blinds,
  • Enhance child safety by eliminating the need for pull cords that are required for manual blinds,
  • Fine-tune daylight, manage glare and operate blinds to adjust the light level to your preferred ambience,
  • Automatically protect valuable furnishings from the sun’s rays,
  • Maintain your privacy and enhance security with the addition of automatic timers and sensors,

With Motorised Blinds & Printed Blinds your patio becomes a real outdoor room that can be used all year long.

A motorised blind provides extra comfort for the patio or terrace all year round. Add remote controlled lighting and/or heating to continue entertaining well into the night.


What’s more, thanks to’s RTS technology and a new range of compatible automatic systems, you can upgrade when you want, according to your needs.

Cable guides sliding movements
Click Cable’s steel cables allow the front to slide smoothly.
Free fall sliding movements
Click Cable also exists in a free-falling version, without sliding on steel cables.
Magnetic Block
Thanks to the magnetic anchoring system of the front section, the fabric is taut when the awning is open even when it is windy.


Integrated LED SPOT on the lower side of the cassette. They can be applied to the CLICK CABLE 11 and 13. The LEDs are circular, 6mm diameter.
Cable guides sliding movements

When opening the awning, the frontal bar descends sliding on the lateral guide cables dragging the cloth to the magnetic feet positioned at the base of the awning or in an intermediate position.

Free fall sliding

Free fall sliding movements

The frontal bar drops in line with the magnetic feet which can be placed on the floor or handrail.

Lateral guides sliding movements
Magnetic Block

Thanks to the magnetic anchoring system of the front section, the fabric is taut when the awning is open even when it is windy.

You control it


Thanks to the sun, rain and wind sensors, the products respond autonomously to atmospheric agents, leaving you only to worry about enjoying your new wellness space to the full.

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You can choose from 30 colours from the Gibus range or
customise to your liking.

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