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the albabtros parasol from

The center pole of the ALBATROS parasol begins where others stop. With a single ALBATROS you can create a space of up to 78 m2 span - and in a very stylish way, because the ALBATROS XXL is a cleanly designed elegant parasol umbrella that blends in well with any architectural environment.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Easy Bevel
  • Extremely stable processing performance than aluminum screen
  • Optimum utilisation of space with a screen space of up to 78m2
  • Cover with telescopic suspension system
  • Interchangeable fabric with quick and easy motion
the albabtros parasol with led lighting from

Heating and lighting

The Albatros giant parasol offers considerably more comfort for your guests or visitors. The integrated lighting, optionally a classic tube lamp or modern LED-lamps creates a atmospheric mood. The infra-red heater creates a pleasant temperature and the integrated speakers guarantees the perfect background music at any time. This will surely lengthen the outdoor season for your gastronomy and you can use this outdoor area for events or trade shows until late at night or offer your guests an inviting outdoor smoking area under the giant parasol. Especially high-end gastronomy should provide their guests with a cover for smoking. giant parasols offer more than “just” protection from sun and rain, instead it offers a feel-good-area for every time of the day and year. The bell-shaped warming space of the light creates enough warmth to keep dishes or plates ready to serve.

the albabtros parasol with led lighting from