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Tension Awnings

Shading protection for verandas, pergolas, conservatories and glass roofs from

Tension Awnings – to protect a large veranda, an existing pergola or a glass roof

Tension awnings offer many advantages: easy to install, practical to open and close with guides and a standard motorized system, protected, with the fabric, by a cassette box.

Designed to function at any tilted angle.

Shading with tension awnings

The cloth is constantly tensioned thanks to gas springs located within the guides and Dyneema® rope spuns which convey tensioning to the front bar.

The structure is in extruded, powder coated aluminium while its components are in die-cast aluminium or stainless steel.


Guides fixed to the side ends of the front profile. The fabric is secured to the side guides by a series of zips that run along a PVC profile.

The series of stainless steel springs ensures perfect tension along both sides of the fabric. The Zip solution can be installed either leaning or suspended on brackets.


Guides fixed beneath the front piece to enable adjusting the position in width, up to a maximum distance of 50cm from the sides of the structure.

The Slide solution allows for the return of the guides up to 50 cm per side as regards the width of the box.

You control it


Thanks to the sun, rain and wind sensors, the products respond autonomously to atmospheric agents, leaving you only to worry about enjoying your new wellness space to the full.

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We combine design and technology to create unique, made-to-measure solutions, especially for you.

No two pergolas or awnings are the same, because every product has been designed and built around your desires to make it perfect for your project.

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Med Quadra Accessories

Tune into your surroundings at any moment, the light, the sounds, the warmth…


Led lighting so you can enjoy your pergola in the evenings too


Bluetooth audio system incorporated inside our pergolas


Designed heating systems – enjoy your pergola even in winter