Awnings, Canopies and Pergola Roof Systems Ireland


Cantilever roof made of aluminum; its retractable cloth folds up thanks to a system of crossbeams (to which the cloth is fixed) that slide along their guides.

The structure is underpinned by two side brackets that ensure stability.

Wind resistance is guaranteed up to class 6 as per UNI PR EN 13561.

Moisture condensation on the cloth is a natural phenomenon and should not be considered a flaw.

Check the solidity of the wall for the installation, using the anchors load table in the installation manual.

Why T4?

  • Perfect to cover large areas

  • Can be installed in small and difficult places

All models Gennius Pergolas are tested and have been certified CE e Class 6 Wind Load Certification
The recommended maximum size is: in Width 1200 in Projection 400

Technical details

  • Modular
  • Motorized movement
  • Hood and rain-proof gasket can be installed
  • Can be mounted on stay rods