Awnings, Canopies and Pergola Roof Systems Ireland

Awnings, Canopies and Roof Systems Ireland

Awnings for Conservatories at Home

The AIROMATIC  Conservatory Awning from is  perfectly suitable for exterior installation on conservatories, glass roofs and skylights in your home. Their compact constructions make these awning systems especially suitable for small and medium areas.

The elegant box is self-supported and, as all the other profiles and cast parts, made of high quality aluminium. When the awning is rolled up, the end profile fits the box perfectly and protects the cover against the weather.

The lateral, patented gas filled struts ensure constant and perfect tensioning of the cover. A choice of fixings allows flexible and easy installation – even on a complicated substructure.

An electronically controlled motor with automatic end stop drives the awning.

Do you want more convenience with your conservatory Awnings? Remote controls as well as sun, wind, rain and temperature sensors are also available.

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