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Awning Repairs and Replacement Fabrics

Replacement awning fabric and canvas awning covers typically have a service life of between five and ten years when properly fabricated, installed and maintained. When the fabric has reached the end of its service, recovering the awning hardware frame is necessary. has recovered and repaired Awnings through out Ireland, will recover a single fabric awning up to a shopping center full of them – awnings on every side! We work around a business's busy times and ensure that neither your business nor your customers are inconvenienced during the recover process. can provide a replacement awning regardless of who the original manufacturer was.We guarantee that your new awning fabric and canvas awning will exceed the quality and durability of the original installation. is able to offer this because we will provide you with not only the best fabric available, such as Dickson fabrics, Sunbrella, SunSetter or a wide selection of other fabrics, but also using the highest quality materials such as sewing it together with Tenara Goretex thread which has been proven to stand the test of time... and the challenges of nature. repairs of awnings image 1 repairs of awnings image 2

Awning recovers are painless

The Process for Installing a Replacement Awning or Canopy or doing Canvas Awning Recovers is customer friendly. If your canvas awning is torn, has seam failure, is faded or is pulling away from the frame the question is ask: can it be fixed or does it need have the fabric replaced? To find out the answer to that question, simply call or contact us and we will come to your location for a free evaluation and free estimate to bring your awning back to looking good again.

If you choose us to do the work, we show you the latest awning fabric and canvas choices in a variety of colours and styles. You will be able to choose at your leisure from our sample books or on our Fabric Selection page.

If you are interested in adding a design or your company name or Logo we do that too - just ask!

Next, measure and pattern your awning frame. Using precise measurements, we cut the awning fabric and craft a new cover guaranteed to fit your frame like a glove. When ready, our installers arrive at your location, remove the old awning and dispose of it for you. While the frame is easily accessible, we wipe it down with a biodegradable cleaner.

The process continues by performing and awning hardware and frame maintenance. This includes re-tightening of any loose fasteners, and careful inspection to reseal any areas lacking in sealant - especially where the frame meets the building. Finally, the new replacement awning fabric is installed onto the frame and fastened down to your satisfaction.

Now that your awning has been recovered and looks great, We will stand behind the new cover with a total satisfaction guarantee. And if you have your retractable awning recovered we will insure that it is adjusted to meet your needs for years to come.

Contact today for a free evaluation and quote to install replacement awning fabric that will fit your current frame like a glove.

We offer a full repair services to other branded products Manual or Motorized