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Stabilisation Levels

The Concept
Upgrade your giant parasol to gain maximum stability. The parasol roof stabiliser supports the spokes at the outer edge, right where the highest forces are acting on. The drag and compressive forces of the wind are absorbed and so the giant parasol gains enormous stability.
Field of Application
The parasol roof stabiliser is your solution if your parasol should remain open even during stronger winds. This is especially interesting for exposed areas such as open terraces, coastal areas or top floors of office or industrial buildings.
A giant parasol that is equipped with parasol roof stabilisers can withstand stronger winds. Therefore, this reduces the movements of the spokes and so increases the durability. These are your benefits:

  1. Extended durability conserves resources and protects the environment. Decide for a higher investment that pays off long-term.
  2. Worldwide the climate warming causes extreme weather events. The more stable an installation is built the better it can withstand these challenging environmental conditions.

More Revenue
The parasol roof stabilisers reinforce a giant parasol so it can be used almost throughout the year. High stability provides optimal all-weather protection and so helps to increase revenue in the gastronomy sector. A benefit in all respects.
Wind-Resistant Side Sheets
Even with smaller parasol models side sheets sometimes have to withstand high wind pressures. The weight of the side sheets also puts force on a giant parasol. Parasol roof stabilisers are able to absorb these forces. Additionally, side sheets can firmly be tied down to the floor without putting additional force onto the parasol. Therefore, parasol roof stabilisers enable you to protect even larger areas for your customers.
Stabilisation Levels
Four parasol roof stabilisers attached to the diagonal spokes, reinforce the basic stability of a giant parasol at a reasonable price. The optimum is reached if all spokes are supported by parasol roof stabilisers. Due to the modular design you can easily upgrade from four spokes to all spokes.

Keep calm and brave the wind

Up to 200 kg of drag and compressive forces 0f the wind can be absorbed in axial direction

Initial installation

The “upper fixation“ is firmly glued to the aluminium spoke during initial installation. Therefore, it remains attached also for opening and closing of the giant parasol.

Automatic adjustment

The ball housing of the ball socket adjusts itself to each spoke automatically during installation (on main axis) – independent from its angle of slope. There is no complicated setting or adjustment. Therefore, the parasol roof stabilisers can be flexibly used for any spoke during installation.

The Concept
Does the parasol stand on a lightly sloping terrace? Do you want to install the base evenly to avoid tripping hazards during disassembly? This is absolutely no problem. The telescoping mechanism levels out different heights. Due to the infinite clamping, the parasol roof stabilisers even are interconvertible. There is no need of marking as they can be used flexibly for any spoke.

Strong and stable
The heavy-duty thick material ensures reliable use in rough environments. The high weight of 4.7 kg complements the appearance of a maximally stable solution. All components are designed for heavy loading. Up to 200 kg of drag and compressive forces of the wind can be absorbed. This has been tested at the MAY factory.

Centre pole extension / centre pole shortening
The telescoping mechanism allows a “headroom without valance” (measure D, see MAY catalogue commercial parasols) of minimum 165 cm and maximum 285 cm. Therefore, the standard measure as well as extensions up to 40 cm are easily realized. Only in case of extreme centre pole extensions, “upper tubes with extensions”are required.

The Material
The telescopic bars are made from aluminium. The surfaces are EV1 anodized and extremely shock and impact resistant.

Connecting elements
All connecting elements of the parasol roof stabiliser are designed to have zero clearance. This avoids mechanical clacking in case of wind and so your guests are not bothered by disturbing background noises.

Easy installation and suitability for gastronomy
The parasol roof stabiliser is designed for a quick and easy assembly and disassembly. There are no special tools required. There are two fixation options for the clamps. The components for both options are supplied with each standard delivery.

  1. Quick lock: For daily opening and closing, the parasol roof stabiliser can easily be removed by handle.
  2. Fixed installation: The clamps can be fixed with hexagon screws if the parasol remains open for a longer period of time or if opening by unauthorised persons should be avoided.

Initial installation
„Bottom fixation“ stands for the anchoring with the ground. Basically all FILIUS intstallation options can be used, therefore all options whosearticle numbers start with „DMZ“.

The upper tube
This component can be used temporarily as well as permanently. The upper tube can be removed when demounting the parasol roof stabiliser. The supplied winter cover makes the bottom part trip-proof. Therefore, there is no risk of accidents or injuries. The upper tube can also remain mounted even if the parasol roof stabiliser is demounted. This saves assembly time. However, the risk of injuries is at owner‘s risk.

The bottom tube below ground
The DMZ118 bottom tube is a permanent Installation and remains in the ground, no matter if the parasol roof stabiliser is mounted or demounted.

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