Awnings, Canopies and Pergola Roof Systems Ireland

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Design and linear geometry for the front and sharp-edge profiles designed to truly and elegantly enhance any architectural context.
Solid pergola with drainage structure in painted aluminum with wall or ceiling mount and leaning on 130 x 70 mm support profile complete with 130 x 70 mm legs that fasten to the ground.
Pitch awning with sliding cloth supported by 43 x 65 mm horizontal profiles with the 85 x 65 mm end, with great load-bearing capacity, sliding on 130 x 70 mm lateral guides. Transmission system on lateral guides with timing belt with steel cables, rotating on nylon pulleys with closed-cage bearings for greater protection.
Rainwater flows down thanks to the slope of the structure that varies between 8% and 19% (see tables for the calculation of the slopes on the current list).
Manual or motorized cloth movement system.


MED LUCE (L) Width from 250 to 550 cm (1 module)
up to 900 cm (2 modules)
up to 1200 cm (3 modules) (S) Projection from 200 to 650 cm (H) Height 240 cm

2 Modules

In Production

Anthracite VIV 416

White RAL 9010

Ivory RAL 1013

VR light steel


Upon request

Brown RAL 8017


Other RAL®