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Sloped leaning pergolas –

The Med Quadra

The Med Quadra

The leaning pergola that is the flagship, is characterised by the “Quadra System”.

The Quadra System is patented as a self bearing water guttering and drainage using the minimal amount of space

the solution designed for your comfort

As small as a terrace or as large as a square, they give a breath of fresh air to any room, whether lean-to, with foldable roof, modular or with accessories.

Always made to measure.

Foldable PVC
The folding PVC roof with windbreakers protects your terrace or balcony, a corner of your garden or an area just outside your front door, both in summer and during the cooler season.
Thanks to the three-layer technical material, the pergolas’ roof creates a total screen, protects from the sun and cools the space below.
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The cover is designed to protect against rain, thanks to the waterproof technical fabric.
The cloth in technical fabric and aluminium windbreaker bars can be folded either manually (by crank) or by a motor.
Rainwater drainage system

You can’t see it, but it’s there. Fully integrated in the structure.

When it rains, the slope of the cloth makes water flow in the gutters and therefore to the legs, to make it drain away from the openings at the base of the supporting legs.


If you wish, you can choose a structure that incorporates one of the following types of side closure:

– glass doors:
to enjoy the view during the colder months

– zip screens:
to shade, shadow or protect.

Glass doors

Tempered, extra-clear or frosted glass, combined with a painted aluminium frame with silver anodised aluminium track. Condensation drainage system and noise reduction up to 19 dB.

Zip Screens

Shading to cool the space under the pergola, darkening to protect you from the sun’s rays, transparent against wind and weather.


An enlightened pergola can be lived in day and night: it can be accessorized with the Spot LED lighting system, integrated in the windbreaker bars.

You control it


Thanks to the sun, rain and wind sensors, the products respond autonomously to atmospheric agents, leaving you only to worry about enjoying your new wellness space to the full.

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Supporting frame in painted aluminium with a wall or ceiling coupling on one side, resting on a gutter supplied with legs and a ground fixing.
Pitch awning with sliding fabric supported by 43 x 65 mm section break profiles and by a 65 x 85 mm high capacity beam sliding on 70 x 130 mm side guides.
  • The section breaks, the beam and the guides are in painted aluminium.
  • The structure should have a slope of about 15% to guarantee the draining of rain water.
  • Manual or automated movement system.

    Five Year warranty

The Med Quadra comes in the following colours


Bronze Matt Anthracite Sable Corten Sable Inox Metallic White Satin Ivory Satin Anthracite Satin

Med Quadra Accessories

Tune into your surroundings at any moment, the light, the sounds, the warmth…


Led lighting so you can enjoy your pergola in the evenings too


Bluetooth audio system incorporated inside our pergolas


Designed heating systems – enjoy your pergola even in winter