Awnings, Canopies and Pergola Roof Systems Ireland

Gibus Pergola Roofs

Pergolas The Gibus Range of Retractable All Year Round Pergola Roofs from Sloped Pergolas – Med Quadra Harmonize with building lines Find out more 90° – Med Zenit In line with the horizon Find out more Pergolas are about special moments in the open air. Waterproof and packable fabric covers. Tilted or 90° to best suit the space around […]

Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds Motorised Blinds & Printed Blinds from   Convenience, safety and security using Home Motion by   With the range of motor and control solutions, you can bring your interior blinds to life. automated solution With an automated solution for the majority of interior blinds and numerous methods to power them, we […]