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Awning Styles

With many years serving the commercial, entertainment and retail sectors, Awnings.ie have become the number one awnings manufacturer and installer in Ireland. We deliver first class commercial awnings, commercial blinds and commercial canopies, nationwide, made to your specification, on time, in budget and every time. All Awnings.ie products are fully guaranteed and meet all Irish…

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Folding and Telescopic Arm Awnings

Jointed and telescopic arm awnings are amongst the most well known sun protection systems and are therefore very popular in Homes and Residential properties These awnings are usually installed on walls or under roofs. The sprung jointed or telescopic arms push the end profile out and thereby roll out the awning cover from the…

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Drop Arm and Old Style Awnings

Awnings.ie – The Awning Company – are proud that our Drop Arm Awnings and old style awnings are custom made to give the old traditional feel. Drop arm awnings are available in a variety of finishes and fabrics – in designs to meet with your buildings requirements and can be branded with your company logo…

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