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Supporting frame in painted aluminium with a wall or ceiling coupling on one side, resting on a gutter supplied with legs and a ground fixing.
Pitch awning with sliding fabric supported by 43 x 65 mm section break profiles and by a 65 x 85 mm high capacity beam sliding on 70 x 130 mm side guides.

The section breaks, the beam and the guides are in painted aluminium.
The structure should have a slope of about 15% to guarantee the draining of rain water.

Transmission system on side guides and a highly resistant cog belt that rotates on ball bearings. Stainless steel brackets and painted cast aluminium components.
Cast aluminium case with belt traction adjustment.
Nylon slide unit with wheels equipped with bearings and stainless pins.

Manual or automated movement system.



(L) Width cm 250 - 550 (1 module)
up to cm 900 (2 modules)
up to cm 1200 (3 modules)
(S) Projection from 200 to 650 cm
(H) Height cm 230 cm under the beam

2 Modules

3 Modules

In Production

Anthracite VIV 416

White RAL 9010

Ivory RAL 1013

VR light steel

Brown RAL 8017

Upon request

Other RAL®