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Aluminum shading structure with retractable cloth that is tensioned when completely open and folds up through a system of crossbeams (to which the cloth is fixed) that slide thanks to trolleys and guides.
Wind resistance is guaranteed up to class 6 as per UNI EN PR 13561.

The optional anti-drop system can be installed to obtain a complete protection from the rain.

Snow load resistance is not guaranteed.

Moisture condensation on the cloth is a natural phenomenon and should not be considered a flaw.

Why A100 LINEAR?

  • Linear design

  • Perfect for covering large areas

  • Good value for money

All models Gennius Pergolas are tested and have been certified CE e Class 6 Wind Load Certification
The recommended maximum size is: in Width 1300 in Projetion 600

Technical details

  • Modular
  • Motorized movement
  • Hood and rain-proof gasket can be installed
  • Wall/ceiling mount
  • Adjustable feet